Many sales leaders are not close enough to their front-line people on a daily basis to determine if their sales improvement initiatives are really taking hold and working. It is usually only after a bad quarter, or loss of a large deal or account that they conduct an investigation and realize that the change they expected isn’t happening as it should.

SPI-1 comes with an analytics engine that gives leaders near real-time insight into the state of talent and performance in their organization. This information drives faster, more informed decision-making, and helps hold sales reps and managers more accountable for following through on their development plans.

Know if your team possesses the right sales competencies

As a leader, you need the right people with the right capabilities in order to execute your strategy. SPI-1 gives you the ability to determine what you need and how well your current team fits. This information enables you to manage your talent more strategically and make better decisions to support hiring, development, and career progression.

Know if your team’s knowledge and behavior are improving

You have a vision for what you need your people to do, and maybe even a strategy to help you get there. However, its important for you to know as soon as possible, whether or not your strategy is taking hold or if you need to intervene more intensely.

SPI-1 enables you to align development of your people with the sales behaviors that are most important for you to drive your strategy. This will come to life in your people’s individual development plans. Through a process of assessing, learning, and reassessing, you will see how your people are progressing to determine if the pace is in line with your expectations. If it lags, then you can take action before it’s too late.

The process of measuring knowledge and behavior change also holds your manager and reps more accountable, and increases the likelihood that they will indeed change.

Knowledge and Behavior

pipeline and revenue data

Know if you are impacting the right outcomes

Results are the ultimate measure of your success. SPI-1 leverages pipeline and revenue data from your CRM system to “close the loop” between development investment and actual impact. This will enable you to determine which development activities make the most impact and the value created. From there, you can focus more on what works and less on what doesn’t.

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