Hiring Sales Talent

Open sales positions are the kiss of death. The faster you can fill positions with qualified candidates who fit your organization, the sooner you can get them to productivity.

Through its sales competency library, SPI-1 enables you to define success profiles for key sales roles in your organization with speed and accuracy. SPI-1’s assessments then let you match current employees to open sales positions, in order to identify potential internal candidates. Hiring from within is usually faster, less expensive, and less risky than hiring from the outside. Additionally, it sends a message to your sales force that you recognize and value their contribution, and that they can progress through the ranks if desired.

SPI-1 also helps you determine if you need to hire someone from the outside, and the competencies that candidates should possess. Assessments give hiring managers a more objective view of the candidate’s knowledge and behavior, enabling them to focus their interview on uncovering more specific information in order to make a better hiring decision.

Onboarding Sales Talent

Once a salesperson has been hired, SPI-1 can significantly streamline and upgrade the quality of the onboarding process. This accelerates their time to productivity and reduces the chances of completely washing out.

SPI-1 competency models and assessments give sales managers insight into the new hire’s knowledge, behaviors, and developmental priorities. This enables the manager to focus their coaching and development activities on the areas that will make the greatest impact. Assessments also help the manager to identify the coaching and learning style to most likely resonate positively with the new hire.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks give the new hire guidance on executing important sales processes, and will help the new hire avoid missing important activities that can lead to delay and lost business. Even the onboarding process can be established in a Sales Process Playbook to ensure that the sales manager onboards the new hire properly. Finally, SPI-1 Analytics gives leadership insight into the onboarding process and the activities that make the most impact on success.



Development and Coaching

SPI-1 competency models and assessments help generate role-based, individual development plans for salespeople. It then provides the sales learning content to enable them to improve continuously. Without individual development plans, reps don’t take ownership of their development and instead, sit back, waiting for the the organization to provide training. Often, that training is not relevant or useful, and fails to make an impact.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks provides insight to managers through “smart alerts” that help focus their coaching activities to help a rep win deals, qualify out, or avoid an embarrassing loss. Without analytics and “smart alerts,” sales managers may be tempted to jump in as a “super rep” and take over a deal, or consume valuable coaching time on activities that won’t make the most impact.

Sales Process Execution

SPI-1 Sales Process playbooks help salespeople execute opportunity and account strategy better, faster, and with less risk. Playbooks enable organizations to define their processes based on best practices and alignment with current buyer behavior. Embedded learning, tools, reminders, and performance support makes execution of important activities efficient and effective. Sales Process Playbooks are also fully mobile-enabled and can be integrated into your CRM system to eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce errors.

SPI Sales Process Playbooks also give sales managers greater insight into the health of their people’s pipelines, and help focus coaching activity, through “smart alerts,” on opportunities that will make the most impact. 


Visualized Sales Funnel

Pipeline and Forecast Management

SPI-1 improves the validity, accuracy, and timeliness of sales forecast data. It does this through buyer-aligned Sales Process Playbooks that bring consistent language and definition for how deals progress through the pipeline. This process relies on buyer-focused, verifiable outcomes. Quite simply, only defined actions by the buyer dictate the stage of an opportunity. This makes the forecasting process considerably more objective and transparent.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks present your sales funnel in an intuitive, visual format.

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