SPI-1 Assessments help you to identify the developmental needs of each salesperson based on your definition of success for that sales role. This helps you to better understand the state of sales talent in your organization, enabling more precise and accurate hiring, onboarding, and development decisions.

Before SPI-1, defining job competencies and assessing individuals required the use of expensive Organizational Development consultants and disparate assessment instruments. This process is expensive and slow, and the link to sales development was never strong. SPI-1 solves this problem by fully integrating 25 sales competency models with valid knowledge and behavioral assessments, our comprehensive sale curriculum, and enablement tools.

Sales Competencies

Build Sales Competency Models with Speed and Ease

You no longer need to spend countless months and tens of thousands of dollars on consultants in order to create sales competency models.

SPI-1 includes a library of proven competency models for over 25 unique sales and sales management roles. This includes roles like:

  • Business development rep, Lead development rep, Enterprise sales rep, Customer success manager, Strategic Account manager, Global account manager, and many more.

We work with your team to adapt these competency models to define success profiles for your organization. We can even help you align success profiles to your future mission, vision, values, and business strategy. We will then help you validate these models to ensure that they truly reflect your definition of success.

Assess Your Salespeople Against Success Profiles

Once competency models have been established for the different sales roles in your organization, we help you assess your salespeople against these profiles. The SPI-1 assessment engine is easy to set up and administer, but we walk you through the process step-by-step.

Your salespeople will receive an email with a link to take an online assessment. These are not personality assessments, which have been largely dismissed as providing little value. SPI-1 assessments measure the knowledge and behavioral attributes that align with your competencies and success profiles.

The assessment process identifies how your people measure up against the success profile for their specific roles, and most importantly, identifies developmental gaps. These gaps  then become the basis for creating individual development plans to close the gaps and achieve the acceptable proficiency level.

Generate Role-based, Individual Development Plans

Every individual has unique developmental needs and with SPI-1, you don’t need to settle for generic, blanket training.

Once gaps in knowledge and skill have been identified, we adapt learning and development plans at the role level to meet the priorities of your business. This focuses development investments on the competencies and abilities that matter most to the sales rep.

Development includes formal learning recommendations prescribed from our comprehensive sales learning library, which is included with your SPI-1 subscription. However, development can also include other activities that might be agreed upon between the sales rep and his or her manager, or informal learning such as participation in industry associations. SPI-1 offers enough flexibility to do what makes sense for the sales rep.

Reassess to Track Developmental Progress to Goals

Since SPI-1 includes unlimited use of assessments for licensed users, you can assess your people as often as necessary, without paying additional fees.

This is especially useful for measuring progress toward goals, perhaps quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This process lets you know how individuals are developing and how they are evolving. Reassessing also holds reps and sale managers more accountable for executing their development plans.

When you are ready to reassess, we can guide you through the process or you can simply go at it by yourself. Whatever path you choose, we are here to help you succeed.


Revolutionize Sales Training & Transformation

Sales Hiring

Hire Better and Manage Sales Talent More Strategically

Competency models define success profiles for different sales roles in your company, and the assessment process helps you take inventory of your current talent and their developmental needs. This information helps you manage sales talent more strategically as you grow and as your talent changes.

For example, you can better identify and retain high potentials, and gain better insight into each individual’s suitability and readiness for other sales roles that you need to fill. When possible, it is always better, faster, and cheaper to promote from within than hire from the outside.

However, when you do need to recruit externally, our competency models will help recruiters to deliver better candidates. It also enables sales managers to ask more insightful interview questions and provides direction to effectively onboard, coach, and motivate new hires. This improves the new hire success rate, accelerates time to full productivity, and increases the ROI on training investment.

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