Your salespeople and managers all have individual developmental needs. Don't settle for just one program when you can have it all.

Traditional sales training providers force you to buy one program at a time. This means that time and money are spent on training that is unnecessary while other needs go unmet. SPI-1 overcomes these traditional limitations by providing subscribers an unlimited "all access pass" to its entire sales training curriculum, generating personal, competency-based development plans, and enabling you to track progress over time.

Modern Learning Architecture



Unlimited Access to Our Proven, Comprehensive Sales Training Curriculum

Sales Performance International has been in business since 1988, and is one of the world’s leading sales training and performance improvement companies. Over this time, we’ve trained over 1.5 million salespeople and developed a comprehensive curriculum addressing every aspect of sales. As an SPI-1 subscriber, you get access to our full sales training curriculum and all of the available delivery options.

This  includes our process and methodology programs, such as:

  • Solution Selling®, Solution Messaging®, R.A.D.A.R.® (Opportunity Planning), T.E.A.M.® (Account Planning), and Territory Planning

As well as our skill development programs, such as:

  • Prospecting, Consultative Dialogue, Negotiations, Presentations, Financial Acumen. and Sales Coaching

Additionally, we have chunked our programs down to address specific sales competencies that align with the individual development plans SPI-1 generates. We give maximum flexibility to utilize our learning content, but also give you guidance to get the most value from your investment.

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Optimized for a Mobile, Millennial, 24x7x365 Sales Force

We understand salespeople and the emerging millennial sales force. SPI-1 learning is convenient, cost-effective, and highly engaging.  The system works great on a mobile device, whether iPhone, iPad or Android, and is accessible 24x7x365. We also offer burst learning in bite-sized modules to appeal to even the most impatient, attention deficient salesperson. Our learning design and delivery, and alignment with a salesperson’s individual development plan makes it much more likely to be viewed as an asset as opposed to a burden.

For the sales manager and sales leader, we offer the ability to track a salesperson’s learning and progress, which improves accountability and helps focus coaching on areas most relevant to the salesperson.




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