Unlike event-based sales training or disparate sales enablement point solutions, SPI-1 takes the guesswork out of sales performance improvement and produces measurable results.

This helps you to develop each salesperson individually, enables consistent sales execution, and improves coaching effectiveness. SPI-1 also gives leaders a unified view of their sales talent and greater agility to correct course, as needed.


SPI-1 Assessments Enable More Targeted, Strategic Sales Talent Development

Traditional sales training and development activities treat everyone the same. Regardless of need, everyone goes through the same programs and receives the same tools. This approach is inefficient and antiquated.

Consider the benefits of SPI-1 assessments:

  • SPI-1 includes a proven competency library for 25 unique sales roles. You don’t need to take 6 months and pay an Organizational Development consultant tens of thousands of dollars to develop custom, unproven models.
  • SPI-1 includes proven knowledge and behavioral assessments that map to our learning library. You don’t need to spend money on a third-party assessment provider, and then hope their assessment uncovers developmental needs that you can execute upon.
  • SPI-1 assessments produce individualized, role-based development plans for your people. No longer will you need to guess what people need nor paint everyone with the same developmental brush.
  • SPI-1 assessments enable your salespeople to focus development on the capabilities that matter most, and your sales managers will better focus their coaching on the areas that make that person more successful.
  • An SPI-1 license enables you to assess your people without additional fees. This helps you monitor the progression of your people and holds them more accountable for improvement.
  • Insight from SPI-1 assessments enable you to manage your sales talent more strategically.


SPI-1 Gives You a Complete, Proven Sales Curriculum, and the Flexibility to Develop Sales Talent Efficiently

Traditional sales training and development programs are limited and expensive.

The most common example is the standard two-day, instructor-led program. You may end up spending your entire training budget for one event on one topic that might not be relevant to everyone. Additionally, you will require ongoing reinforcement, such as coaching or eLearning, that is typically sold as an “up-sell” by your training provider.

SPI-1 offers much greater flexibility, efficiency, and value:

  • SPI-1 includes unlimited access to our entire award winning sales learning library, covering every conceivable area of sales, including our renowned Solution Selling program. Never again do you need to decide between one program or the other. You get it all for one low price.
  • The SPI-1 learning library has been “chunked-down” into “learning bites” that address specific sales competencies. The assessment process generates individualized, role-based learning plans which points reps and managers to the training content and developmental activities that will make the most impact. This enables much more efficient and cost effective development.
  • SPI-1’s learning engine includes multiple learning modalities, including live instructor-led training, eLearning, and mobile-friendly micro and nanoLearning. Reps and managers can access learning 24x7x365 at their convenience, which minimizes time out of the field and travel expenses.
  • The price of an SPI-1 license is about the same or less than what you would pay for a two-day, instructor-led program, without even accounting for travel.


SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks Enable Faster, More Precise Application of New Sales Behaviors

According to Forrester Research, 90% of sales reps achieved quota when reinforced with technology and coaching.

SPI-1’s guided selling playbooks provide easy-to-understand visual navigation of sales processes, tailored to align with how your organization’s customers buy.

Our playbooks also provide access to context-specific “nanoLearning” videos, content, and SmartApps that support execution of valuable sales practices. Playbooks can be run as a stand-alone or fully integrated into your CRM system.

Unlike other providers that only offer playbooks without learning content and assessments, we offer far superior value and effectiveness:

  • Sales Process Playbooks are included in your SPI-1 subscription, along with assessments, learning, and analytics. There are no additional fees for apps, tools, or mobile versions. For the price that most playbook vendors charge for just playbooks, you will get a complete sales effectiveness system.
  • SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks can be easily configured to your sales process, and integrated in Salesforce.com or other popular CRM systems. This gives you one definitive “source of the truth” and no duplicate data entry. Get started in weeks, not months, and sleep soundly knowing that…
  • Your Sales Process Playbooks enable a consistent, buyer-aligned sales language and process across your entire organization. The application guides sellers through your sales process, bringing key learning to life for them in their day-to-day jobs. This accelerates learning adoption, dramatically improves sales forecasting, and highlights coaching opportunities for sale managers.
  • Your Sales Process Playbooks have nanoLessons, tools, and content embedded in the workflow to enable just-in-time learning and performance support when your reps need them the most. This significantly improves their confidence and ability to execute key selling activities with maximum efficiency.
  • Sales Process Playbooks are fully mobile and tablet-friendly, enabling convenient access and execution.


SPI-1 Analytics Uncovers Insight for Leaders to Proactively Drive Performance and Accountability

Many sales leaders are not close enough to their front-line people on a daily basis to determine if their sales improvement initiatives are really taking hold and working.

It is usually only after a bad quarter, or loss of a large deal or account that they conduct an investigation and realize that the change that they expected isn’t happening like it should.

SPI-1 comes with an analytics engine that gives leaders near real-time insight into the state of talent and performance in their organization. This information drives faster, more informed decision-making, and helps hold sales reps and managers more accountable for following through on their development plans.

This powerful functionality helps sales leaders manage talent strategically, including:

  • Reduced risk of a high profile, strategic program failing, which might put the leader’s credibility at risk, or breed cynicism and disengagement.
  • Getting more objective and better quality information through SPI-1 assessments and visualization of talent, in order to make more informed talent investments and decisions.
  • Improved retention of high potential sales reps and managers by identifying who they are, what they need, and providing the path to realize their full potential.
  • Improved performance of mid-level performers by identifying and monitoring those at risk, prescribing meaningful performance improvement plans, and holding managers accountable for coaching and development.
  • Creating higher engagement through a culture that values and invests in the continuous improvement of people.
  • Knowing with greater certainty, which developmental activities and investments are leading to improved performance.

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