Define any sales process with SPI’s Sales Process Playbooks

The SPI-Sales Process Playbooks can be tailored to any process you need to drive your team’s sales performance. Employ your teams to:

  • Win “must-win opportunities”
  • Maximize sales results through visual, guided selling
  • Know how and what to coach, based on AI driven coaching alerts
  • Connect what you sell to your client’s business issues
  • Expand your client relationships
  • Increase CRM user adoption


Increase Sales Performance with Smart Selling

The SPI-Sales Process Playbooks makes it simple for sales teams to apply sales methodology to increase revenue. Enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) driven coaching alerts, sellers and managers apply process flawlessly to ensure alignment with their buyers.

AI Driven Alerts Lead to Smarter Coaching

The SPI-Sales Process Playbooks provides considerable value to salespeople, sales managers also benefit.

Coaching is made simple through our advanced AI-driven SmartAlerts. Managers know what issues are present within opportunities and the overall pipeline, well in advanced of the issue impacting your business.



Make Any Sales Process a SmartProcess

Configure any sales process to accommodate various selling or planning scenarios. Whether your process is to support selling or planning (i.e. Account Planning), your processes will come to life to drive the right behaviors, every time.

Make any Tool a SmartTool

Configure any sales tool to accommodate various selling or planning scenarios. Build and manage account plans and selling engagements with simple and mobile SmartTools

The SPI-Sales Process Playbooks is Fully Mobile and CRM Integrated

Playbooks can also be easily integrated into common CRM applications, such as This makes your CRM system more user-friendly, which drives adoption. It also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, which improves efficiency and maintains data quality.

Your sales force is mobile, so leverage the full power of your sales methodology from anywhere and on any device. Access the full functionality of SPI-Sales Process Playbooks through native applications.


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