Playbooks can accelerate and reinforce both the framework of selling and the path to mastery.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks guide sellers, step-by step, through your sales process, and provide convenient access to learning reinforcement, tools, and job aides to enable more effective execution. Playbooks also provide managers and leaders with better insight into sales pipelines, providing alerts to abnormalities that signal coaching opportunities. Playbooks can be integrated and accessed from your CRM system and are included in your SPI-1 subscription.


Guided Selling Drives Process Adoption and Skill Application

Behavior change is difficult to ensure, as sellers engage with buyers on real opportunities. SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks help accelerate sales methodology and process adoption, through focused and visual sales execution that is aligned with critical sales competencies.

Our technology guides sellers through each step of their sales processes and provides convenient access to quick, just-in-time learning via integrated NanoLessons and easy-to-use SmartApps to enable effective sales execution.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks Highlight Priority Coaching Opportunities for Managers

Although SPI-Sales Process Playbooks provide considerable value to salespeople, sales managers also benefit.

Organizations collecting information on sales activities, learning, and accounts in a standardized, systematic way, create the opportunity to leverage that data to focus coaching time and resources.



Bring Any Sales Process to Life

Configure an unlimited number of Sales Process Playbooks to accommodate various selling or planning scenarios. For example, you can use Playbooks to standardize your opportunity management process for your largest, most complex opportunities, or your process for protecting and growing strategic accounts.

Playbooks are highly configurable to support Process, SmartApps, Links to Learning, and other content/collateral.

SPI-1 Sales Process Playbooks are Fully Mobile and CRM Integrated

Your sales force is mobile, so leverage the full power of your sales methodology from anywhere and on any device. Access the full functionality of SPI-Sales Process Playbooks through native applications.

Playbooks can also be easily integrated into common CRM applications, such as This makes your CRM system more user-friendly, which drives adoption. It also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, which improves efficiency and maintains data quality.


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